Unconventional IT – Better IT decisions

 What Makes Us Unconventional

In everything we do we put you, the thinking and feeling person, in the front of what we do. This makes us different to other tech consultants that only want to "install" some piece of tech and then leave you to it. Once they've made the sale and got their money then you're on your own. We can help you understand how the system will work best for you, train you and your staff to best use the system and provide customised HOWTOs, training manuals and other documentation.

We are different because we don't peddle "systems", "software" or "equipment". We are agnostic in that we don't believe that there is a sole system that works for everyone. You're an individual, your business is unique and your preferences and history make all the difference in working with tech. We are vendor neutral, platform independent and solution focussed. We advise and recommend based on your environment, your staff and your industry.

We are different because we don't specialise - we're what we like to call generalists. That way we can understand your issue in a holistic sense, rather than deciding it is solely a "network", "server", "ISP" or any other problem. And the chances are, it's never just one thing that's slowing you down. So rather than us implementing a solution, we work with vendors and your business to get a reliable and effective solution AFTER deciding the most effective course of action.

We are different because we want to talk to you. Yes, actually talk. Because it's the most effective way to move forward.

 Our Services


We know we should backup. But to do so we need to answer two questions.

  1. What do I need to back up?
  2. How do I do these backups?

If you said, “EVERYTHING”, we can help you sort this (like an accountant going through a shoebox of receipts).

For Q2 –  is the answer usb storage/thumbdrive, the cloud (and which provider) or even the very old school DVD? Many of our clients are now working with the cloud, but with usb drives so cheap it is worth considering them.


Transitioning to a new system is always a stressful time. But we minimise the stress by providing human support, not just during the transition, but also for up to three months after. Because we don’t want you to be caught by that annoyance that everyone thought was working – but really just wasn’t.
We have extensive experience in

  • Migration to Google Suite and Office 365
  • Migration to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure
  • Data Centre migrations and changes
  • Everything networks, phone and internet


What is that problem that’s plaguing you – and let’s discuss how we can help. We’re vendor independent – so we’re not going to push something that you don’t need. And if we can’t help directly – we’ll introduce you to someone who can.

We can help with

  • Selecting the solution and vendor
  • Writing and analysing tenders and quote requests
  • Project management

From servers to network, website to email, even deciding on where the problem is – we can help. We can even remediate vendor headaches!

Project Support

We provide an experienced, practical and independent support service to all of your technical projects. While we can help with improving your project management and process, we frequently get called in to

  • develop or improve the project plan
  • run project workshops to identify any "show-stoppers" and increase buy in from stakeholders
  • help stakeholders understand the value generated from the project
  • provide an independent and objective view in negotiations with vendors.

Technical Support

When it's going wrong. Or not working. Or there's swearing. We can help. We understand that you don't really care where the problem is, just that

  • you want it fixed
  • you want it to not come back

In many situations there is more than one cause for a problem. We investigate and remediate issues no matter what they are. We will even deal with your providers if that's going to resolve the issue. So you can get back to what you're meant to be doing.